Richmond Police Detain then Release Suspected AltRight Agitators Who Intimidated & Assaulted Protesters

In their own version of a catch and release program, Richmond police apprehended, handcuffed, then released two unidentified men dressed in tactical gear who intimidated and assaulted protesters. On June 11th, protesters peacefully marched through Windsor Farms, Carytown, and other Richmond areas. Hundreds marched on foot while cyclists and protesters in cars followed behind. As the nightly march came to a close, three drivers in trucks attempted to assault protesters, with one hitting a protester on a bike.

Pick-up belonging to one of the unidentified detained men (📸: @RVAlleyCrawl)

According to eyewitnesses, a red truck popped the curb and drove into a protester. In a video circulating on Twitter, 3 cars rev their engines at protesters before a red truck charges directly into a person. Multiple Richmond police officers arrived on the scene. Officers found one of the trucks involved and handcuffed two people in the vehicle. The two unidentified men also had zip tie handcuffs, armor, and multiple guns on them and in the vehicle. An eyewitness who lives close to where the incident unfolded shared that the handcuffed perpetrators laughed with police officers as their car was searched. After a half hour, the men were released, their weaponry returned to them.

Unidentified man detained by police with zip-ties attached to tactical vest (📸: @RVAlleyCrawl)
Unidentified man detained by police (📸: @RVAlleyCrawl)

Comment below with any more information that can be shared to keep citizens safe as they exercise their rights.


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