Learn Yoga with Rashmi Ramesh

As localities move through more advanced stages of reopening, social distancing may be coming to an end. If you’ve spent this time mostly immobile, you’re not alone! Ease back into more range of motion by learning yoga poses with yogi, Rashmi Ramesh. Yoga is a practice that originated in India, and consists of a group of poses to move your body through. Yoga can help with increasing physical, mental, and spiritual awareness, depending on the user’s intent. Ramesh’s YouTube channel, Yogalates with Rashmi has videos that offer a variety of poses all while teaching the actual names of yoga poses to help yoga enthusiasts who may be unfamiliar with Hindi.

Whether you’re hoping to stretch for more flexibility and range of motion, looking to strengthen your core and other body parts, or just looking for a new hobby, Ramesh has numerous videos to meet various needs. Symptoms of diagnoses, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, can be relieved with a little yoga. Yoga can even alleviate stiffness from prolonged sitting, such as in an office space or at home while practicing social distancing.

Yoga for PCOS, source: Rashmi Ramesh

Ramesh also offers a yoga series for children to support little ones with getting active. For children who will be learning virtually in the fall as opposed to being in the classroom, this yoga series is a great alternative to gym class. There is also a prenatal series for people who are currently carrying their little ones and could use an extra stretch.

For people who are looking for spiritual guidance or even just peace of mind, Ramesh has a guided meditation series. Meditation is the act of stilling oneself and focusing on a particular thought, your breath, or not focusing on anything at all in an attempt to calm the mind, body, and spirit. Many cultures practice meditation, whether for spiritual purposes or calming effects.

There’s even more to learn and do while exploring yoga and yogalates, a combination of yoga and pilates practices. Click any of the links above to Rashmi’s page, and happy stretching!


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