YouTuber Jade Fox Challenges White YouTubers to be More Inclusive

In a recent video, YouTuber Jade Fox implores white lesbian YouTubers to be more inclusive of black and other lesbians of color when completing challenges, guest hosting videos with each other, and otherwise plugging other YouTubers on their channels. The video, entitled The Race Issue Between Lesbian Creators, is a candid moment wherein Jade explains that white lesbian YouTubers often have their content “pushed” by YouTube’s algorithm because, frankly, there are more white people in the U.S., and subsequently on YouTube, who consciously or unconsciously seek out content by other white creators.

This isn’t a new claim. YouTube’s algorithm has been questioned in the past. Furthermore, Jade shares that white lesbian YouTubers do not help the situation by excluding black lesbian YouTubers from various challenges that require identifying other popular YouTubers in the online lesbian community.

“I get asked this question a lot,” Jade says about a minute into the video. Which begs the question, do white people get asked about racial issues and how to resolve them? Historically, oppressed peoples have been tasked with simultaneously enduring oppression and the mental load of figuring out how to fix it. Oppressors are rarely asked how to help the oppressed, as it is always assumed the oppressed should solve the issue. Jade poses a simple solution to a complex problem: push content by creators of color on white platforms that, by default, receive more attention. A few white YouTubers, such as Breanne Williamson and Rose & Rosie, have offered responses to Jade’s video.

Click the photo below to subscribe to Jade Fox’s YouTube Channel!


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