Lights for Liberty’s Nationwide ICE Detention Center Protest

On Friday, June 12, 2019, Lights for Liberty organized a nationwide protest against ICE detention centers. Lights for Liberty is an organization that partners with local communities to effect human rights change. Across the U.S. countless protestors held peaceful sit downs and marched in honor of lives lost and lives locked away in for-profit centers many are calling concentration camps. ICE has opened three new detention centers and threaten raids seemingly every other week.

In Aurora, Colorado, citizens gathered at the 3130 block of North Oakland Street, otherwise known as the Aurora GEO Detention Center. GEO is the second largest for-profit prison in the U.S. Organizers of the protest expressed many participants left early due to fear over their DACA status. It was a sobering reminder that to even feel comfortable to be among protestors was a privilege. Below are images The Juncture Magazine captured while attending the protest.

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