Recipe: Summertime Punch

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Looking for a delicious summer drink to add to your beverage menu? Look no further! This drink is refreshing, crisp and will have your tastebuds begging for more.
The main ingredient of the “Summertime Punch” is watermelon. For this recipe, we used frozen watermelon, New Amsterdam gin, and Angry Orchard apple cider. Summertime Punch was topped with watermelon star ice cubes, made in a silicone ice tray. This drink is easily made, and readily adaptable to any event or occasion. Feel free to make it with alcohol, add in your favorite spirit or smooth wine for a refreshing drink. For a non-alcoholic beverage, add in some fresh lime juice with a splash of seltzer or light soda.

Summertime Punch
Approximately 4 servings

4 cups of diced frozen watermelon
3/4 cup of gin (or alcohol of choice)
1 cup of Angry Orchard cider

Blend or juice the watermelon. (If using a blender, be prepared to strain off the watermelon pulp.) Add watermelon juice to pitcher for serving. Set aside pulp. Dispense 1 cup of liquor, add to serving pitcher. Return pitcher to freezer to allow punch to chill. Right before serving, top off punch with 1 cup of cider. Enjoy!

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