Border Patrol Increases Greyhound Stops

As Border Patrol raids buses in search of people to deport from the country, many are charging this tactic as a form of racism, because officers are selecting people to question about citizenship who appear brown. This was the case for Mercedes Phelan who identifies as a black Puerto Rican woman. Twice now Ms. Phelan has been asked about her citizenry while riding public transportation. She further reported that she observed as officers passed others by to confront her.

“I was super angry because [they were] obviously profiling. They literally skipped over every single white person,” said Ms. Phelan, according to NBC.

These stories are important, as they may help others remain safe while utilizing public transportation or generally existing in public while being a person of color (POC). The means to ascertain whether a person is a citizen are racist in nature considering black and brown people are profiled and polled with this very question. Ms. Phelan’s testimony is one that is all too common, and tears apart families across the country.

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