Virginia Middle School Football Team in Hot Water Due to Racist Videos

Teammates at Short Pump Middle School in Richmond, Virginia posted a video online in which some white members of the team were simulating rape against black members of the team. During the video, a team member can be heard saying, “We’re going to f— the black out of these children from Uganda.” Following criticism of the video, administrators at the school canceled the remaining three games. Concerned parents and staff alike are asking for more serious consequences for the incident.

What happened in Richmond, Virginia is unfortunately indicative of a problem that social media and technology has brought to the forefront: racism. Many people think we live in a ‘post-racist’ society, but instances such as this, such as a noose casually being left at the Smithsonian African-American Museum, the KKK and various white nationalists groups targeting college campuses, even high schoolers in Philadelphia carving swastikas into pumpkins during Halloween season prove otherwise.

Administrators do what they can while the students are on school property, but it is ultimately the responsibility of the parents at home to not raise bigoted children who find humor in simulating acts of rape and sexual assault. Or perhaps the parents find this behavior acceptable as well, which explains why it keeps being perpetuated, on school property, no less. Until then, administrators who attempt to keep this abhorrent behavior off school property are appreciated.

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